A resolution for 2011 was to learn more and share more, and a blog seemed a good structure to monitor my progress!   Born and raised in the Hudson Valley with two avid gardening parents , once gardened on many acres in CT and now downsized to a challenging Coastal Georgia garden.  Mother, wife, sister  and daughter and owner of many pets over the years.  Love family, my dear husband and great kids, my dogs, our garden,

books, antiques, art and photography.   My heart and soul expand with my family and in my garden.


3 Responses to About

  1. Love your blog.. especially the background photo – looks gorgeous!
    Will be thinking of everyone on the east coast tonight!! Hope this thing just dies down and blows right over!
    Thanks for commenting and following!


  2. whosaprettygirl says:

    Your photos are stunning!


  3. Dear Jayne, I wished you lived in Brisbane, Australia….I think we could be friends….we’re clearly members of a similar ‘tribe’! Ciao, R.


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