Six in Savannah

Autumn is here and though fall color is not something to travel to Savannah to see, this year has been ablaze. Particularly the cypress (admittedly trees are not my area….cypress, right?)

Live oaks and pine trees predominate on Skidaway Island, providing green all year long, while the cypress, hickories and sweet gum trees drop their leaves, nuts and needles.

Camellia ‘Yuletide’

Another source of color all Winter are the camellias. This one blooms reliably at Christmas, thus named ‘Yuletide’! My Mah Jong group purchased this one for one of our regular members who recently lost her Dad.

And of course, this marks the time for harvesting citrus. Our neighbor has many grapefruit, orange and lemon trees. The lemons, this year, are like giant juicy oranges. One lemon gives me at least 4 times more juice than one from the supermarket! So far, from my kitchen….lemon bars, 2 lemon pound cakes, and an apple crumb pie.

Citrus from Hal’s yard

The pollinator borders at the Skidaway Community Farm continue to entice any lingering pollen loving insects.

My Christmas cactus is blooming on schedule.

Bloom continues at the Pollinator Garden at Sparrow Field.

Because the sea, the sky and the creeks and rivers dominate the landscape on Skidaway, the nightly show creates color that dwarfs all plants.

I did mention the live oaks which form a miles long iconic scene at Wormsloe. This time of year they drop their old leaves and quickly replace with a fresh green for Winter. But this is what they look like during the transformation…reminds me of the Winter greyness of CT where we lived for so many years.


I have gone beyond 6 photos, but I hope you won’t mind. I love joining in The Propagators Six On Saturday! Be sure to go his site to link to more photos from around the world.

In the mean time, enjoy the last few weeks of the Yuletide rush!

Santa on Peregrine Crossing


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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5 Responses to Six in Savannah

  1. Those are some wonderful Fall photos. We are experiencing the same here with the leaves and camellias.


  2. Pauline says:

    What a wonderfully colourful selection, much more like autumn than winter!


  3. bittster says:

    I love the russet colors on cypress more and more each fall. It must be a ‘maturing tastes’ kind of thing. The monster lemons are awesome!


  4. Love all your pictures!
    Merry Merry Christmas, Jayne!
    “I hope it’s a good one”


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