Summer Slides By

Looking back at this blog over the years, you might not know a pandemic swept the world in 2020. This blog doesn’t reflect the life altering event of which no one is immune. Before summer slides by, as three seasons before have done….let me tell you what the quarantine and isolation have been like for a gardener on Skidaway Island.

Actually, we have been among the fortunate ones. So far only 100 or so cases have been reported on our little Island of about 14,000, and for the first few months we didn’t hear of any but two. My Photos file is filled with the usual groups of sunsets, flowers, plants and landscapes. Despite Covid 19, the natural world started to come to life in March, even as the humans retreated and stayed at home. Guess what, the natural world doesn’t need humans!

The stark contrast to pandemic life on Skidaway Island, came when we ventured forth to New York City in July. On the island of Manhattan, humans are needed. Except for a few pockets of green and a good sized pocket called Central Park, the concrete, stone and steel world would take a long time to revert back to a natural place. We parked by our first home together, a condo on the Upper East side. When the street tree died right in front of our ground floor garden apartment, I spent a lot of time getting the City to replace it. I must be old, because that tree has grown so tall!

The only thing similar about our first home and our current home, is a leaning tree and the iron fencing.

Downtown areas in New York were just opening up at the start of July, but the Upper East side was eerily quiet. The boarded up store fronts were so depressing but by now, I hope things are getting back to normal, whatever that will be….

July in New York was anything but normal.


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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3 Responses to Summer Slides By

  1. My daughter lives in NYC and rides her bike over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan on the weekends. No traffic and no tourists. Life in my community is about the same. We have greenbelts and quiet streets to walk on. There were only issues in the grocery stores for the first few weeks. But, when the governor of Texas opened the state, the COVID numbers went up and we still haven’t gotten them down.


  2. Our state is doing pretty good but we’ve seen massive changes including some still empty shelves, restaurant tables on the sidewalk and parking areas, and masks are required almost everywhere. I applaud your moxie to venture into NYC in July and hope you got to see and achieve your goals. Glad you are well and life is going pretty smoothly.


  3. Love seeing your trip down memory lane. What a pretty street!


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