The Basics

In the midst of a world wide pandemic, we get back to basics. Forgoing pre-made meals and restaurant food, we head to the kitchen pantry. We think about the food pyramid and plan meals accordingly.

The pantry holds many food groups, but not the most important …fresh fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, gardening in Coastal Georgia, the fresh greens are still producing.

Swiss Chard

Pesto, made from last summer’s basil bounty, was pulled from the freezer for a favorite ravioli dish. Is anyone else baking bread? This one is from The Craftsman’s Cook Book. My first job out of college was with the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York. The crafts movement was at its peak, and young people were toting peace, love, and back to the basics. Here we are again, and this bread fits my mood.

Ravioli with pesto sauce

Dilly Casserole Bread

If I am not isolated in our home, you will find me exploring the yard. Spring has arrived, oblivious to Covid19. There is much beauty to be found. Just remember to keep washing your hands, stay close to the natural world but far from humans…at least 6 feet apart.

What are you doing in isolation?

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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6 Responses to The Basics

  1. I’m not a bread baker, but I make a mean cranberry cake that we’ve been enjoying this week using cranberries from the freezer. 🙂 I’ve cleaned the attic, organized my closet and fabric, and now I’m sewing. I normally enjoy staying at home, but the idea that I shouldn’t leave weighs a little heavy. Stay safe and enjoy those fresh greens. 🙂


  2. pineconesandacorns says:

    I’e been purging and organizing my closets, book cases, etc. Thank you for sharing the bead recipe. I am going to try it.


  3. Pauline says:

    If it is dry, then I will be gardening, if it is wet, then I will be doing housework, but also I will go through all my kitchen cupboards and sort out anything that is out of date, I think i might find rather a lot! After that I will tackle my wardrobes and sort out any clothes that I haven’t worn for over 2 yrs and pack them ready for the charity shops opening again. Also I have a stack of new books that will need reading!
    Stay safe and well.


  4. I will be spending most of my days gardening. I had to cancel a couple of short trips, but I have plenty of projects around the house to keep me busy.


  5. bittster says:

    I’ve been out in the garden most days, trying to tackle the jobs I always claim I don’t have enough time for. Apparently I also just didn’t want to do them, since many are still undone…
    … and yesterday I decided to not bother with the rainbow chard seed, but now upon seeing your photo 😉


  6. Karen B. says:

    I used to have a bread machine…does that age me, or what? I wish I had kept it. I’ve seen so many delicious bread recipes lately. Your bread looks delicious. I’m loving the fact that I can busy myself during this time with the garden. It’s so relaxing.


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