Time for Tarragon


In the heat of a Savannah morning, we pushed ourselves to put the farm plot to bed.  The first plot is nicely covered in black plastic, save for some herbs at the end of the bed.   We finished covering the second bed…..almost, but for half with some cosmos, marigold and dahlias which were hosting various bees this morning.    I came home with bunches of herbs and thoughts of chicken with tarragon for dinner.

Mexican Tarragon

I looked through cook books but found nothing that appealed.  On-line the NYT had a Thomas Keller recipe but even though it was something he would cook at home, it was still too many steps for my Sunday dinner.  But I loved the idea of rubbing the chicken with sweet paprika and Madras curry powder, so I combined two recipes.

Starting with the rub first, letting it sit in the refrigerator for an hour.  Pour a combination of butter, Dijon mustard, white wine, lemon juice and THE TARRAGON, freshly picked, over the chicken breasts.Then place the chicken, covered, in a baking pan at 350. Bake for 25 minutes, then uncover and bake until cooked through and no longer pink at the thickest part.  Voila!  A great day in the farm and fun cooking.

I must write this down in the garden journal…..pick the tarragon when the ginger lilies begin to bloom!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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2 Responses to Time for Tarragon

  1. Karen B. says:

    I have a difficult time growing tarragon—I wonder if I over water it, or over pamper it. This recipe has me thinking I’ll try again.


  2. Your Disney gingers are looking great. Mine bloomed earlier and just a few are blooming now.


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