Garden Touring in November

There are so many reasons to love living in the low country in November, such as oyster roasts, shrimp fresh from the waters til December, and festivals of every sort right up through Christmas.  But I would not have expected a garden tour.  And yet, there is still so much growing….and camellia season is not even at its peak for quite a while!

Touring the gardens… there was a little cheating as far as live plants, or not, in window boxes.  So if that was blue thunbergia vine, I might not take a closer look.  But blue wisteria? that gave me pause and a giggle.  You’ve probably seen some hideous artificial flowers plunged in window boxes for Winter and scoffed.   But, truly, this was done with artistry and good design.  Mixing the sweet potato vine and the gorgeous fern with the silk flowers made it all work.


The grass is still green, sago palms, live oaks and saw palmettos and smooth lagoons thrill even my old tired garden touring eyes!  In the plant world, there is always some new way of looking at things.  I discovered new vistas while touring this garden.

Even the Spanish moss does its job to festoon old trees and frame a new colorful Autumn bed.

As we approach one of the most iconic  of American holidays, let us be grateful.  In Georgia, I am grateful for a new way of touring gardens…in November.

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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3 Responses to Garden Touring in November

  1. Garden tours are great any time of the year.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jayne! Thank you, as always for sharing!


  3. Dawn says:

    It would be such a treat to take a garden tour in November! Thank you, Jayne, for taking us along. Warm Thanksgiving blessings from the cold Midwest! ♡

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