Coastal Autumn


Skidaway Island

Skidaway Island

What does it mean to you?  Smells and sights and emotions that rise as the days shorten and the temperatures moderate will be different depending on where you live.  This is my second Autumn along the coast of Georgia, and I still can’t get over the fact that the leaves aren’t brilliant and the flowers are.   At Skidaway Farm, we have planted our cool weather crops.

At Georgia Coastal Botanical Gardens, the Autumn flowers are brilliant.

Their Autumn Fest last week-end was attended by many fine vendors

selling plants – not too late to plant.  Color has been on my mind of late.  Could it be the vibrant  flowers that grow with abandon at the Farm?

Or  perhaps two visits to “Monet and American Impressionism” at the Telfair Museum in Savannah that has colored my thinking.

Claude Monet has a way of seeping into your unconscious mind.

The exhibit has  influenced my color choices for the pansies and Dianthus I’ve just planted.  YES, JUST planted. And the dahlias go on and on.   It is Autumn here on  Coastal Georgia after all!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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11 Responses to Coastal Autumn

  1. Karen B. says:

    So pretty, I wonder, are your winter temps more like Southern California’s? No snow (except in the mountains) and rarely below 45 degrees?


    • A tad chillier in January. Maybe an overnight low will be 40. The ground doesn’t freeze but it’s been known to dip to freezing, if only for a couple hours! Snow doesn’t happen on the coast, but it will snow further West and higher!


  2. Pauline says:

    Love your first photo, so peaceful and tranquil. I’m sure you are able to grow different plants now that you have moved further south, plants that would never have survived further north. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun experimenting!


  3. You’re right! Plants like camellias! And ginger lilies. But I do miss some plants that won’t survive without a cold period. Peonies don’t love it here, for example.


  4. Dawn says:

    Such a special kind of Autumn beauty, Jayne! What fun it must be to add flowers to your garden in late October. This week, I put my Midwest garden to bed for the winter. So, I look forward to sharing your garden until Springtime arrives! Wishing you the happiest of Autumn days, Jayne! ♡


  5. texasdeb says:

    Those dahlias are gorgeous. I mostly stick to native plants with our extreme weather seeming to just get worse every year here in Central Texas but those colors and bloom forms are hard to resist. And isn’t it great fun to plant in October! I think that pretty much makes up for the lack of foliage colors and really cold Fall weather. And the light – the light in Fall is so special. I’m looking forward to exploring the evolution of “your” new go-to plants here!


  6. debsgarden says:

    Yes, many flowers love autumn in the Deep South! Our winter veggies are flourishing with the cooler temps. Some of these vegetables may hunker down when hit with deep frost, but others, like our collards, will sail through winter.

    I enjoyed looking through your last few posts. Thanks for stopping by my own blog and leaving a comment! I look forward to your future posts.


  7. bittster says:

    Autumn sounds great down there…. and it sounds nice and long as well! I don’t suppose I have to remind you of all that cold stuff we get up here, which will be coming sooner than I’d like to admit 🙂


  8. There is no perfect climate, I guess, but this one, that avoids blizzards and ice storms is fine by me!


  9. I am still adjusting to coastal gardening in North Wales – and this Autumn is so mild, my dahlias are still going strong, and the leaves are only really just starting to turn and fall! Adjusting to a new climate, new light quality, is fascinating but it does make you think about the seasons, doesn’t it.


  10. Les says:

    Have the marshes turned golden yet?


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