Irresistably Drawn to Incredible Places

On a Summer day are you drawn to gardens and  places where you can stroll or sit,  stare or daydream?  Would you journey to Europe to visit incredible garden places?  DSC_0167 Maybe you would like to stay at home in your own garden, but for a few moments, come along to an incredible place….Come with me to visit to a favorite garden, one I could never tire of and if I could fly there this very afternoon, I would.   Come along…

Play this song, if you like. Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 232

Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 230 Let’s wander to…..  Sissinghurst,


where the spirits of Vita Sackville-West and  husband Harold still abide and their gardens surrounding Sissinghurst Castle  remain true.  images_5 DownloadedFile

The famous Lutyens bench beckons, in all seasons.


images_6Sit for a moment, or pick up a tool and dig into the hallowed ground where these famous authors/gardeners perfected an art.!Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 244 Sissinghurst is written about all the time, by every sort of author, but you’ll want to see it for yourself.  DownloadedFile

Trip to Paris, Cliveden May 2008 216Each wall borders a path that leads you to another enchanted place.  One garden room opens to another.   Sissinghurst is an ocean away, and feels a century removed.

But imagine you are there, walking in the sun and between the shadows.

Imagine summer in a garden,images_3

this special garden….Sissinghurst.

I wrote this post to join in with Anita at Castles, Crowns and Cottages;  she is hosting a most spectacular journey of the imagination.  Anita is a favorite blogger, poet and philosopher.  If you have a moment, drop by and she will point the way to some fascinating journeys with her fellow bloggers! I will return to Savannah after this brief wander of the imagination through a British garden.  Back to the watery splendor of this coastal city and her magnificent skies!

Sunset Park, Skidaway Island

Sunset Park, Skidaway Island

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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31 Responses to Irresistably Drawn to Incredible Places

  1. elaine says:

    Lovely garden, somewhere I haven’t been yet, but it is on my bucket list.


  2. My first visit was the best and 20 years later, I was not disappointed!


  3. Anita Rivera says:

    Ah…..”On a cloudy day…”and heaven knows we’ve had many this summer here in Minneapolis! But our gardens are so lush, and your post today dearest Jayne, is spectacular! Your kind words toward me as well are welcomed so much, as I sit here this morning to visit everyone. Thank you for this tour that I hope you will leave up for the entire week so that many may wander and imagine.

    HAVE FUN! Anita


  4. Pauline says:

    It is a lovely garden, we visited many years ago and really enjoyed it.


  5. Sissinghurst is very local to me and i go there quite often. In fact i’m lucky enough to have a choice of wonderful gardens nearby. You would love Great Dixter if you enjoyed Sissinghurst.

    Jean x


  6. Dawn says:

    Jayne, heartfelt thanks for sharing the irresistible beauty of Sissinghurst with us. The musica made it even more dreamy! I have long dreamed of visiting there. Hoping this dream comes true soon! ♡


  7. Barbara says:

    Jayne, what a lovely visit to Sissinghurst! I’ve never been and your post made my day!


  8. marijke says:

    Beautiful English garden but I really loved te sunset!!!
    groetjes van Marijke


  9. speedyrabbit says:

    There are so many beautiful places like that here in the UK,we are spoilt for choice here,thank you for showing us this one I haven’t been to this one yet,xx Rachel and Speedy


  10. Oh My YES! It’s on my list of places to visit, in the meantime, thank you for a lovely tour.


  11. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing such inspiration!
    ~ Violet


  12. Kim says:

    Absolutely fabulous! I love a classic garden! I find that there is something so tranquil about the perfectly trimmed hedges and the manicured lawns. I think it has to do with my Decorating/ Design OCD, but I could sit and enjoy that kind of space for hours!


  13. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jayne,

    It was wonderful to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Loved seeing the beautiful gardens of Sissinghurst with us – would be so happy wandering around there for the day. Thanks for sharing all the beauty.
    Happy weekend


  14. Karen B. says:

    This garden has been on the list…what beautiful images you captured. I love the grounds and the way they are naturally melting into one another to create an overall calming space. thanks for tis armchair vacation.


  15. Sonja says:

    What beautiful gardens, and I would love to wander through them with this beautiful song piped throughout. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Botanic Bleu says:

    What a treat to visit Sissinghurst through your lens. Thank you for taking us along and sharing such beauty. Thank you also for visiting my little sojourn to French doors and for leaving a nice comment.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  17. Luisa Maria says:

    Good afternoon Jayne!!

      I’ve always liked the English Gardens! and I’m especially enjoying what you’ve shared.

    Thanks to Anita today I can enjoy your pictures and this fantastic Link Party!.
    I love your pictures, and I’m enjoying your photos and Those places thanks to you!
    I wish you a great weekend.
    Today I am Happy to have met you, I hope you visit me
    personally selected products


  18. Linda says:

    Such a beautiful garden to behold. I am loving the dreamy pictures and adventure. English gardens are heavenly. So much beauty to take in. Thanks for taking me along on this lovely trip. Coming over from Anita’s CCC.


  19. bittster says:

    Beautiful pictures of a garden I’m tempted to call heavenly! Someday I’m hoping to see it in person.
    Do you think it’s better to visit as a non-gardener, new gardener, or old one? I’m just thinking I might be too distracted and wowed by individual plants to enjoy it as much as I could…..
    Just thinking! thanks for the tour 🙂


  20. Those are very provacative questions! I can answer for myself that when I first visited Sissinghurst as a beginning gardener, the effect was monumental on my progression as a gardener. The second visit, as a more advanced gardener was more critical, as I knew what I was looking at, in a manner of speaking. Also when I first visited, the garden was not so popular and you could be alone in a room…now it is filled with gawkers and you are never alone! More commercial now, as it needs to be, but just as spectacular.


  21. Sunil Patel says:

    Hi Jayne, the minute I saw just the tops of those yew columns in the picture I immediately knew this was about Sissinghurst. I’m so lucky to have been in summer and the images of the bench and clematis and the Edwardian tower are iconic. There are many amazing gardens such as Sissinghurst in the UK that I can rattle off a list as long as my arm without even thinking, it really is quite special.


  22. La Contessa says:

    I am reading a book about SISSINGHURST NOW!I would love to see it in person!What a vision the two of them had!I have done my garden in whites and yellows………..with a dash of pale pink!Now,on to SAVANNAH…… GREAT GREAT I think 4 GREATS GRANDPOP is buried there in the cemetery!He also is in one of your round~ a~ bouts!A STATUE!He was GENERAL NATHANAEL GREENE………do you know him?Anita sent me……….and I do believe YOU have already visited me!THANK YOU!


    • I Haven’t discovered your General Greene yet, but I will post if and when I find him in one of the Squares. The squares themselves are fascinating – so much history to uncover here! Thank you for visiting my blog!


  23. Lovely, lovely!!!
    And just the name of Savannah makes me dream.
    Thank you for your kind massage on my blog.
    A bientôt,



  24. Gardens always draw me in. These are lovely and great design. Thank you for sharing what inspires you. Visiting from Anita’s party.


  25. Constance says:

    Sissinghurst is an amazing garden! We spent two hours there, and it wasn’t nearly enough to take in all of the loveliness! i was too chicken to walk up those steep stairs to the top of the tower though!

    England’s gardens are fabulous.
    Have you seen Prince Charles’ gardens at Highgrove? They are open to the public and you can make reservations online in advance!

    Am adding you to my links – any garden lover is a friend of mine:)


  26. Mary Jo says:

    Dear Jayne, how I love a beautiful garden, and you picked such a gorgeous one to highlight with the perfect music. I feel as if I just spent a quiet moment in a real garden, thank you. I am also part of Anita’s lovely link party. Hope you will stop by.
    xo Mary Jo


  27. Thank you for taking me away to England this morning..the gardens are stunning! And, so is Skidaway Island!


  28. mrstea52 says:

    Per Norah’s lyrics…to walk with you on a cloudy day…
    …and what a walk it was.
    The gardens of Sissinghurst are beautiful.
    That Savannah sunset!
    Thank you for taking me to your dream destination back to home!


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