Drum Roll for Dahlias!

May I have a drum roll for the dahlias?  DSC_2056Things are really getting exciting in the dahlia beds now that the woodchucks have been moved, the weather is cooler and the sun is still strong.

Dahlia 'Snoho Doris'

Dahlia ‘Snoho Doris’

I am still spending a good deal of time disbudding, watering and cutting blooms.  Because I was Judging the club flower show at our opening meeting, I did not enter any of my blooms, but I had to take a few just for exhibition. DSC_2037 Dahlias need an audience, don’t you think?

If you are in my area, there are a couple of upcoming events that tickle a dahlia lover’s fancy.

Dahlia 'Tahoma Shea'

Dahlia ‘Tahoma Shea’

I always rave about the Open Days program !  Next week end, the Garden Conservancy is sponsoring a tour of Frances Palmer’s delightful dahlia garden!  The last time I visited the property, she also opened her pottery which was fascinating.  I swoon over her pottery.

Frances Palmer pottery

Frances Palmer pottery

I would love one of her vases to display my dahlias!  You may see her garden on Sunday, September 22nd.

And next week-end, Frances will be  at the Greenwich Dahlia Society’s DAZZLING DAHLIA show, held at the Greenwich Garden Education Center on Bible Street in Cos Cob.  This event is open to the public and you can read all about it on the GGEC’s web site.

Exhibits from 2012

Exhibits from 2012

On Sunday, when the show closes, you have the opportunity to purchase the blooms that were exhibited.  Yes, we know that dahlias don’t last long, but if they were conditioned well (cut stem and plunge in very hot water,  then recut when cool and place in warmish water with floral preservative mixed in) you should have some beautiful blooms to enjoy at home!

I helped to judge the horticulture division of a flower show this past week, and I’d like to share with you some of the entries!IMG_4740

Hope you are enjoying your time in the garden, soon we will be cutting back and raking leaves!


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Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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  1. Mildred says:

    Gorgeous dahlias!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your visit and comment.

    Have a nice week.


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