Love the Lilies!


July is lily time in my garden. DSC_0137 It seems that the lilies and the hosta bloom at the same time. DSC_0075 Many gardeners don’t appreciate the hosta bloom, but I like their bloom.  Over the years I have added many daylilies, starting with the old favorite ‘Hyperion.’ DSC_0093Some are unnamed from an original collection from White Flower Farm.  DSC_0140 DSC_0139 DSC_0130There were a couple interesting ones in their blend, but I think it is better to know what you are getting.  The true lilies (Lillium) DSC_0105thrill be as much as the day lilies (Hemerocalis)  DSC_0080and you don’t have all that dead heading.  Things are getting interesting along the pond DSC_0083where I pretty much let Nature take its course.  The Filipendula, the thermopsis, the monarda, day lilies all clamber for sun under the weeping willow.  A few roses

Rosa 'Awakening'

Rosa ‘Awakening’

continue but they are beginning the mid-Summer lull.  The milkweed was extraordinary last week,



but the butterflies did not appear.  I worry about that.  On the deck, the bloom is promising.



Some agapanthus have more energy DSC_0168than I in this hot and humid weather.  They are beginning to start the fireworks!  DSC_0165They look well with the cannas.  This gladiola DSC_0162lives in a pot year round.  The Dutchman’s Pipe (behind)adds a cool green note – so badly needed and such a visual relief on a HOT HOT day.  Speaking of hot, one dear climber never appreciates the heat, poor sweet peas. DSC_0077 But there are other climbersDSC_0170 in my garden that thrive.  DSC_0169

You may notice fences of all kinds in the backgrounds of my photos.  I am not fence crazy, but they are a necessity because of our adored pets, two dear Cavalier King Charles spaniels.  These two would be off chasing chipmunks and squirrels if not for the fencing!DSC_0099

Join the others at Garden Bloomers Blog Day!  Sponsored by Carol at May Dreams gardens, it is such a fun way to see what is blooming in other gardens!  I’ve met some terrific gardeners through her cyber touring!  When the heat brings you in from the garden, why not check out your favorite bloggers to see what is blooming!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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11 Responses to Love the Lilies!

  1. Pauline says:

    What a lovely photo your last one is ! Your Agapanthus are well ahead of ours, but our daylilies are just starting to open. Dead heading is a bore, but its worth doing to make the plants look their best don’t you think?


  2. Judy says:

    Your gardens photos are very stunning and I truly enjoyed looking at all your lovely blooming flowers.. I especially loved seeing your two sweet peas.. We are drooping a bit here with the very hot temps… Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy


  3. You have some lovely daylilies and wowser on the Queen of the Prairie. It looks so perfect next to the pond. What a lovely blog set up too. Are you in Rhode Island? Your bicolor daylily looks a little like one of mine I got from my mother in Maine. I think mine is Gay Troubadour. We don’t see many of them down here in Tennessee. Hyperion is one of my favorites too! Those old fashioned ones are so reliable.


  4. Forgot to say I was going to add your blog link to my blog list page so I wanted to be sure I had the right state. Thanks.


  5. Your dogs are cute in the picture, they look like they are in puppy jail. Lots of nice flowers in your garden, when all your agapanthus bloom they should be quite glorious.


  6. Holleygarden says:

    Cute photo of your dogs looking out! I, too, love lilies of all kind, and you have some very nice ones. The photo of the agapanthus is so sculptural. And such promise! It will be fabulous when in full bloom. I haven’t seen as many bees or butterflies this year, either. It is a bit worrisome.


  7. Anita Rivera says:

    Dear JAYNE! Good morning! I see you came to visit me, and I thank you kindly for leaving a sweet message! Your garden my dear is so lovely! My neighbor across the street has beautiful day lilies in orange while we here have a lush garden of evergreens. The variety of textures and colors in your garden is a July event as I can see and it must bring you great joy to watch.

    We are having a very humid week but this is summer and we’ll take all we can get!

    Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday! Anita


    • Anita, I too love Summer, but this heat is overwhelming. Shade and iced tea…and a/c. I just finished a book “Rose” by Rosina Harison, about a maid who was in service to Lady Astor. On the cover she is pictured with a silver tea set similar to yours. I also have a lovely English silver tea service that we purchased when we were young and visiting England – and had a little money to spend….glad we got it when that was the case! Mine is similar in for to yours but does not have the elegant ribbing.

      have a happy Summer day!



  8. jody says:

    what on earth are you feeding those agapanthus!!!!! the ones that you gifted me are so sparse, perhaps they miss their Connecticut home. Your gardens are beautiful, as usual, but those baby dogs are the real stars! When are you coming to can????


  9. garden337 says:

    You have Dutchman’s Pipe!! I don’t find many bloggers that have that. You’ll have to check out the green walls I made with Dutchman’s Pipe, and my daylilies. I must say, though I love my living walls, it spend a lot of time keeping the pipevine in check. It does like to roam.


  10. Sunil Patel says:

    Hi Jayne, I really like the stand of agapanthus you’ve got, they look so big and lush – and numerous! They’re just on the verge of opening and you can almost see the anticipation.


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