Flirting with Fall

Here in Connecticut we are definitely flirting with Fall.  I am heading out this morning on another much-anticipated Garden Conservancy tour and I will post photos later this week.  But this morning I want to join in with Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens – another much-anticipated day!  Go see what is blooming all around the world and ….What is still blooming in my garden….

New Guinea Impatiens

Rosa ‘Compassion’

Rosa ‘Innocencia’

Dahlia 'Fleural'




chive blossoms

Dahlia “Fleural’ and “Maarn”

Dahlia ‘H.S. Party’

Dahlia ‘Atropurpea’

Dahlia ‘Gallery Singer’

Pond is flirting with Fall as the Joe Pye weed fades, the grasses begin their big show and the ducks return to their Winter home.


Joe Pye Weed


Liriope ‘Variegata’

Phlox ‘David’


Is it established?  We ARE flirting with Fall which arrives at the end of the week, according to the calendar.  I think I won’t wait any longer…

It is time for the changingof the wreath!

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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4 Responses to Flirting with Fall

  1. You have some beautiful color for September’s Bloom Day. And how wonderful to have a pond as background for your lovely Miscanthus and other perennials. Thank you for visiting my blog!


  2. Laurrie says:

    I’m glad to find another Connecticut gardener, and your garden is lovely. I especially like the long shots and overall design that I saw in your September Snapshots post. Nice!

    And yes, fall is hinting, hinting, and ready to emerge here too.


  3. joenesgarden says:

    Jayne, I echo Laurrie’s gladness on learning of another Connecticut garden blogger. Your dahlia blossoms are lovely.


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