Summer of Monet

My Summer is infused with Monet.  I made a return visit to NYBG to walk through again “Monet’s Garden.”  And so my reading is also influenced by my summer of Monet.  I am looking over the exhibition catalog





















which is brief but filled with choice photos of the garden at Giverny and reproductions of the two paintings now on exhibit at NYBG.  The NYBG book store had many more offerings on Monet but I wanted something specific to this effort by NYBG to reproduce the feeling of Giverny.

I am joining in with other book reviewers at Roses and Other Gardening Joys.  My review includes a suggestion that you get to the gardens to see this treasure before it closes in October.  There is an app for your I Phone that you can get FREE through the New York Botanical garden’s web site.  It will give you a taste for what is in store.  You will then want to see it all LIVE and IN PERSON, and you will go home with this treasure of an exhibition catalog.  Included besides the color prints are writings by  Paul Hayes Tucker, Elizabeth Murray, Alice Quinn, Todd A. Forrest, and Thomas Cahill.  Here are some photos from my day there yesterday:

Monet’s Garden, facsimile of house at Giverny

Grand Allee

The Water Garden

Paint Box Beds


This exhibition catalog reminds us that Claude Monet was born in 1840, he moved to Giverny in 1883, where he began his garden, and painted some of his most enduring work until he died in 1926.  Monet’s exuberance and love for his garden leaps out in his paintings and you will get just a touch of that in this little catalog.  I think it will lead you to further discoveries both of Monet and in your own garden!







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7 Responses to Summer of Monet

  1. Monet’s garden at Giverny is a the top of my bucket list. I have two of three books on this garden, to which I return quite often for inspiration. Thanks for telling us about the exhibit at the NYBG and the Iphone app.


  2. Holleygarden says:

    Oh, how I wish I lived close enough to see this exhibit! From your pictures, it looks like the feel of Giverny is very well duplicated. Thanks for the information about this. I can imagine what a wonderful experience it must be to see this in person.


  3. elaine says:

    A garden to die for – puts my little garden to shame – such an inspiration


  4. My wife and I saw Giverney’s garden in April as part of a trip we took for our 30th anniversary. It was absolutely fantastic, Judy literally took about 500 pictures in the four hours we were there.


  5. Scott Weber says:

    I’m always amazed at the lasting influence reading about Monet’s garden has had on my gardening style…he was a genius!


  6. Susan says:

    Kudos to whoever thought of doing the exhibit. Too far for me to visit unfortunately.


  7. This exhibition was mentioned during my time at Giverny, so v. interesting to see some images from it!


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