Free Fall

When mornings dawn warm and humid, one wonders about the seasons changing.  There is talk of cooler nights and frosts, but it isn’t happening in this burg yet.  However, the evidence appears despite the warmth.Fallen leaves in the bird bath.Colors changing over the “Monet” pond.

Bright fallen leaves competing with the last dahlias for attention.Nicotiana 'Stonecrop'

Lost Nicotiana ‘Stonecrop’ appears where birds or wind planted last year and must hurry to go to seed to insure next year’s appearance.

Some say Autumn is their favorite time of year, but there is unquestionably a melancholy feel about the rainy grey days of Autumn.  Yesterday could have been such a day but a  tea and lecture with the Greenwich Daffodil Society kept spirits high.  A high tea!  Tea sandwiches, popovers, pastries and cookies and a beautifully brewed cup of tea preceded a slide talk all about daffodils.  I am sorry I don’t have photos because this was held in a private home of the President of the group.  Set high on a rocky outcropping, this home is the essence of classic old Greenwich with the beautifully scaled rooms filled with art and fine furniture and a feeling of a well lived life.  But I digress….. The daffodils were the point of this and a  salve for what could have been a free fall into the gloom of the gardening year disappearing.

NOW is the time to plan for these early harbingers of Spring.

Daffodil 'Rapture'

After the lecture by Ray Rogers (author of several wonderful books) I will be hunting down Accent, Stratosphere, Crackington, Gull, Magic Lantern.  Any suggestions, dear readers, of great daffodil suppliers to help in my search?

Now that I have found an antidote to the gloom of rainy Autumn days, I will go pick the last rose of summer!Come on, you lazy Cavaliers, off we go to dig some trenches for the daffodils!

Pippa & Clemmie


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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5 Responses to Free Fall

  1. Tricia says:

    I bet those puppies are really good helpers, too! Fall is taking its own sweet time to come here, and I do mean sweet. Every day of this wonderful warmth is one less day of cold, grey, rain…and s—w!


  2. Your pond is looking lovely and for a moment I thought it was a butterfly on the dahlia. We still haven’t had any rain here – it’s been weeks and weeks, no gloom either. sorry.


  3. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning, Jayne!

    Like you, we here in Minneapolis have experienced unseasonal warmth that has left us with less than satisfactory colors! My little Korean pear tree usually gets FIRE red, but this year, it is just brown. But the chill in the air is dictating that our Midwestern climate is hard to beat down, and so here we go!!!

    Thank you for visiting me today and enjoy a lovely Friday! Anita


  4. Nice post. You’re probably know about Brent and Becky’s but John Scheepers also has a great collection of beauties. Have fun digging around it your garden.


  5. This is definitely not my favourite time of year, but the ‘leaves in the bird bath’ is beautiful!


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