Valued Vines

Are you willing to wait 6 months to see a vine come to bloom?

Mina lobata

The 6 a.m. walk through the garden is becoming  a chilly and dark endeavor!  But look what greeted me today!  The first blossoms unfurling from the mina lobata vine I planted in May!

Spanish flag

This may be too long for some gardeners to wait, but I find this a  fun and charming vine that has its place in the late Autumn garden.  The colors will certainly hold up against the blaze we hope for in October!

While judging at the Colortura show in Fairfield last week, I came across another vine I have not grown, but this has peaked my interest.

Vigna Caracalla Corkscrew Vine


I did not grow the cup and saucer vine this year because the long wait to October did not seem worth the space I gave for it.  What took its place…  Grandpa Ott’s morning-glory, bloomed earlier and its dark purple blooms are prolific .

Granpa Ott's morning glory

I have been so caught up with dahlias, that I have totally forgotten to plant or order daffodils!  Hopefully when I attend the Greenwich Daffodil Society’s tea later this month,  bulbs will be available  for sale.  In the mean time, I am wedded to the dahlias….they keep going!  

Dahlia 'Rose Fletcher'

Pumpkins and mums are being pushed everywhere you go, but the ornaments of Autumn, for me, are growing in my back yard.




About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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3 Responses to Valued Vines

  1. Love that vine – so vibrant


  2. Haven’t grown Spanish Flag before but seems like a winner at this time of year, Well said on the dahlias. For the first time ever, my tubors rotted in the cool wet spring. Won’t plant until June next year,


  3. When I thing of Green Thumb I will think of Valued Vines 🙂


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