September surrounds us

September has a way of surrounding us, with memories of past Summer holidays, school openings, new ventures ahead and sun splashed laziness behind.  When I become dizzy with the schedule filling up, I head for the garden, the pressure valve is opened, along with the dahlias.

I am amazed how Nature heals. Hurricane Irene ravaged trees and plants. The dahlias that I thought were destroyed have simply kept on doing what they are meant to do in September. 

Some of the Summer vines have finally begun to bloom in earnest; one last moment to shine.

Zinnias continue, even the one that Robin Lane Fox disparaged a few weeks ago in the Financial Times (boo hiss).

The last roses of the season make an appearance.

Nicotiana ‘Stonecrop’, a favorite, repeats itself from seed saved each year.

Nicotiana 'Stonecrop'

The trip around the garden brings me back to the front door and inside awaits a favorite chair bathed in the morning sunlight.

It belonged to my Grandmother and she meant for me to have it.  I remember watching her work needlework projects from this perch so many decades ago.  Here is my heartfelt question.

What do all of my revered blogging friends (who have the most beautiful and inspiring photos to show of interior design), do with those pieces that don’t fit into their scheme?

Where do those well-loved and out of time pieces go?

I gaze with appreciation at the beautiful photos of interiors, so perfect.  But there are family pieces that can’t be relegated to a basement or out-of-the-way room.   A chair that doesn’t fit but won’t be denied!

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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7 Responses to September surrounds us

  1. Love the photo of the morning glory.
    Sadly I don’t have any family pieces of furniture, but instead have a few ornaments that are proudly displayed.


  2. Tricia says:

    I, too, have a chair with a past. My great-aunt was the antiques columnist for the Rochester paper, and I inherited a few pieces of her carefully chosen furniture, including her favorite small armchair. It has lived comfortably in very disparate spaces, including my tiny studio in Manhattan. Now, however, it’s looking quite bedraggled and is getting shoved into various corners as I try to fit it into a much simpler, more modern decorating scheme. A friend who has a breathtaking cobblestone house told me last night she might take it. It would be lovely in her house. I would so like someone to love it.

    She also, BTW, had a set of “lady” and “gentleman” chairs like yours!

    Wonderful pictures, as always…


  3. You have some fantastic late-season blooms here. The image of the morning glory is truly splendid! Also very keen on that rose, such crisp perfect petals.


  4. Hey Jane,
    That’s great camera work on the morning glory. Looks like Flickr material to me. I haven’t heard of ‘Stonecrop’ looks charming but too pretty for a name like stone crop.


    • That Grandpa Ott’s is pretty dramatic isnt it! The nicotiana is a sport that was found at Mr. Frank Cabot’s garden named ‘Stonecrop.’ He gave the garden to the garden conservancy and it is now able to be toured. I saw it many many years ago when it was still a private garden, and it is a BEAUTIFUL natural place. ( Thanks for stopping by!


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