Mother doesn’t always know best…

I like the expression, “Mother knows best.”  When my  Mother gave me a suggestion to ward off the ground hog decimating my lower garden, I hoped she knew best.  She said spread moth balls around the dahlias.  Last night I sprinkled them around.

Dahlia 'Esther'

I can report that the first dahlia has bloomed, the lovely collarette, ‘Esther’ just this morning!  That was the good news.  Bad news – Mothers don’t always know best, because the beast of Weed Street struck again, and this time he tortured the dahlias.

The  moth balls on the ground, though smelling AWFUL, did not stop his gluttony.

Apparently I am dealing with a ground hog with a discerning taste, who loves dahlias, but leaves the tomatoes alone. He can climb over my clever cages and comes out at different times of both day and night.  But I can’t dwell on the disappointment when I have something even more troubling to deal with this week.

We went to meet a new puppy.  We fell in love, and came home to prepare the house. However, further discussion with the breeder disclosed that this particular puppy is on the far (far, far, far) end of what you can expect to pay for a young cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   It just did not seem prudent to go that far out on a limb though we really really loved her!  Clementine will have to remain our only canine for the time being.

Waveny Walled Garden

To quell my disappointments, I get right back into my usual routine.  Today that was a scheduled morning of weeding at our Garden Club’s “signature” garden.  I’ve been involved with caring for this garden since the Club’s  restoration.  Originally designed by the Frederick Law Olmsted firm, it is now part of the Town’s Waveny Park.  My job today was to clear the rampant climbing hydrangea from the wonderful sculptural “windows” on the side of the main tea house.

Hydrangea petiolaris

The  “windows” are able to be admired again!

Tea house "window"

I will be working tomorrow,  finishing up on a new ad for the magazines.  I can’t show you the finished product, but this is a close up portion of one the photos I took of the Chinese lacquer boxes that we will be featuring.    Though very pricey, these incredible works of pure craftsmanship  exhibit the skill of artists of another century and place.  I am fascinated by them.

Antique Chinese lacquer boxes

So, despite the disappointments in the garden and the huge disappointment with the puppy (I KNOW she really wanted to come home with me!), I am back in the swing of daily life….. knowing that these are very minor disappointments in the great scheme of life…..

Have a fabulous week end – this might be one of the best of the Summer in the Northeast!!  Will your disappointments be overshadowed by a beautiful Summer day?  I hope so!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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5 Responses to Mother doesn’t always know best…

  1. jody says:

    It isn’t enough to wrap your individual plants and/or beds. You have to enclose the entire area – it won’t be pretty, but it WILL work! Also, the Liquid Fence, applied around the entire perimeter of the fence is VERY effective. If all else fails, call your nephew and he will come over with his 9mm! (only kidding!)
    I say, go for it – GET THAT PUPPY!


  2. I did enclose two of the beds, and he must climb right over!


  3. Oh dear you are having problems, I’m not exactly sure what a groundhog is, is it similar to a hedgehog without the prickles. You certainly have to persevere against the wildlife don’t you. This morning (it is raining here) I found our usually suspended bird-table on the floor with all the chains broken. Probably a cat trying to catch the birds. We also have trouble with badgers in our garden, digging huge holes in the soft earth looking for worms. I could use a swear word but won’t.
    I love those windows you did a good job uncovering them ‘petiolaris’ can be such a thug. Have a nice weekend.


  4. Think you have to do a full enclosure…… too bad about the puppy, guess you have to go with the old adage it was not meant to be and there is another pup out there waiting for you to claim him or her!! Good luck in your searcha nd good luck with your beautful garden.


  5. quintessence says:

    I’m not a gardener so can’t comment on the protecting your dahlias – but good luck. Little Clementine I’m sure will be happy to be top dog for a while longer. Those Chinese boxes are just exquisite!!


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