Taking stock in June

In January, I began this blog stating that I intended to read more, see more and share more!  I am sorry but I am back from Nantucket and this is all I have to share:It rained! And rained!  But that is expected, it is Nantucket.  Sand, sea and sky, oh my….

As for reading, there was plenty of time for that.  Good for the beach and also for long rainy days – Commencement and Maine, both written by J. Courtney Sullivan.

As expected, we came home to find that the garden burglar had continued to ransack the raised beds.  Cilantro – gone!  Beans – gone! Nasturtiums – chomped! Tarragon… need to go on?  Do not admit defeat.    But first things first and before weeding and weeping, we set off in the car again!  We started out the day on a Garden Conservancy Tour of the Maywood Garden in Bridgewater CT.  I have been a glad and grateful visitor there twice, both times as a guest with the New Canaan Garden Club.  What a treasure – a great American garden!The weather was perfect and the gardens were in their glory.  But as we climbed the hillside viewing woodlands, rose gardens, formal beds, herb gardens, vineyard and valley, all I could think of was my poor decimated beds at home.  So I took out my trusty I-Phone and located the nearest Home Depot.  Off we went to procure some fencing and some pots of vegetables such as cucumbers, cilantro and squash.  Returning home, I spotted a large, very large, muscrat chomping lazily on the lawn surrounding the raised beds.  Well, first the fence and then the Have a Heart trap as the summer saga continues….

But as today is Father’s Day, I wish my childrens’ father a very wonderful day – it was his wish to visit Maywood.  And we had a lovely lunch at the Village Store after the garden Tour. I am thinking of my own Father who succumbed to Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease on Valentine’s Day this year.  I hope he was scanning the beach from those spectacular clouds above in Nantucket this week, watching my Mother and all of us, as we took in the might and majesty of the sea, and knew that each of us were quietly, silently calling out to him that we miss him but he lives in our hearts forever.  Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and to my darling husband, and to all Dads who are deserving!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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3 Responses to Taking stock in June

  1. such a lovely post – I am so glad for it. And glad that you all had the opportunity to be together in that glorious place and remember the old man. How could we ever forget? xox


  2. Jean says:

    It sounds as though Nantucket was relaxing, even if it did rain. You have my sympathies about your garden bandit; I know that sinking feeling when you find stems bitten off or, worse, an open space where you know a plant used to be. Do you know who your bandit is? (If it were my garden, I would suspect a woodchuck.)


  3. Dear Jayne,
    Thank you for posting on my blog. It has been a joy reading through your blog… you are so talented. Gardens are amazing. I’m sure your dad watches with such pride. Any type of dementia is a horrible thing to live through. I’m so sorry to know that your family has had to go through this, too. Please give my best wishes to your mom…. I look forward to enviously enjoying your gardens.


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