Dally in Dahlias

Yesterday I mailed off my dahlia orders  for 2011.

Growing dahlias became a passion despite the limited sunshine on my property and despite my increasing interest in native and woodland plants.  I keep records in a separate journal to track the success and failure of each year.

The classifications of dahlias are numerous and each year I  explore different areas.  Dahlias are grouped by the size of their blooms  (AA,A, B,BB, M, P) and by their characteristics ( lacinated, waterlily, cactus, etc.) I was growing many formal decorative and informal decorative the first years of my dallying in dahlias.  Now I try to venture into the other areas as well.  One of my all time favorites is Bed Head,  IC(incurved cactus) introduced in 2005 which I purchased from Swan Island Dahlias.  I did not have success with digging, storing, dividing and  replanting this variety as I have had with so many others, so I  re-ordered it this year. 

I could write a book on dahlias, or should I say, I’d LIKE to write a book on dahlias, but there is already a good one out there given to me by my dear friend Andrea, THE GARDENER’S GUIDE TO GROWING DAHLIAS by Gareth Rowlands.  As a matter of fact, this friend fueled my dahlia passion by giving me a $100.00 gift certificate to Swan Island Dahlias many years ago.   I can thank her for many years of joy with dahlias!

I also placed an order with Brent and Becky’s Bulbs , a smaller grower but their prices are unbeatable and I love them!

22 days until Spring, and less until my tubers arrive when I begin  another year of dabbling and dallying in dahlias!


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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5 Responses to Dally in Dahlias

  1. Tricia says:

    “Digging, storing, dividing and replanting” says it all to me about dahlias! I love them, but I guess I’m not a dedicated enough gardener to put all the work in. No-dig garden, no-dig (up, that is) bulbs! I do wish I knew someone close by who grew them, though. Once a long time ago someone gave my mother a cut one — a yellow dinnerplate — and I swear you could read by its brilliance!



  2. jody says:

    such a lovely blog! How happy I am to have found you here! On, on!


  3. Why dig, store, divide and replant? Isn’t that what I pay Swan Island for? And what a great job they do for me.


  4. Thanks for the tips on dahlias… I am really interested in perking up my August around here and I will look into those companies and the book. When/how do you start your sprouts?

    Thanks for looking at Wife, Mother, Gardener. It is snowing again this morning here in PA… spring should be synonymous for tease.

    Thanks, Julie


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