Week 11:  Start your lettuce if you like.  I am going to use an old strawberry container for my Thompson & Morgan seed.  First line the bottom with newspaper to keep soil from running out when watered.

Next, fill container with seed starting soil, make drills 1/2″ deep in rows for seed and be sure to label properly with start date and name.  You won’t remember what is in there, believe me!  The date you planted seed is good information when you begin to wonder about germination and will be a further clue as to when to transplant to next size container.

Remember to read your seed packet carefully, but do take note when the seeds are from England (as the lettuce above) because their dates are going to be different.  I wont be planting outdoors in March!

This seed blend is so pretty!  But the packet doesn’t tell me which plants are included in the mix.  Some of the other companies will tell you which are included in their mix.

I like to use  domes to control humidity.  My house, though I have a humidifier, tends to be too dry for the emerging seedlings, so these incubators keep the moisture level higher.  Too high, and you will get mold, so the controlled openings are effective if you see things getting too damp.

Renee’s Garden has a mix called Gourmet Mesclun Salad ‘Asian Baby Leaf” This blend includes Komatsuna, Mizuna, Green and Red Mustard, Rocket, Totsoi and Chinese Cabbage,  I will be able to harvest that mix when it is about 4 – 6 inches tall and have a beautiful balance of flavors (I hope!)  The Mesclun Lettuce I bought from Botanical Interests includes Lolla Rossa, Marveille de Quatre Saisons, Redina, Red Oakleaf, Red Salad Bowl, Rouge d’Hiver and Ruben’s Red.  You could grow each of those individually, and I have grown at least two of those individually, but they are so pretty growing together in a row.

It is raining here in Fairfield County today.  Good bye snow!  At least for now!


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