Soil for Seed Starting

My much appreciated “viewer” from Lettherebegarden queried my selection of soil for starting seeds.  I’ve had a long history of starting seeds in greenhouses, under lights in my basement and in Southern windows.  In the communal greenhouses, I always preferred the use of Pro-Mix, and in particular, Pro-Mix PGX.  Pro-Mix BX will do in a pinch but the PGX is finer and more suited to starting seeds.  Because I have always found Pro-Mix in exceedingly large bags, the use in a greenhouse made sense.  Now that I do not have use of a green house, I am experimenting with other soil-less mixes.  One I like is This product was available at a local garden center and it seemed to do the trick.  I am growing alpine strawberries for a competition coming up soon, and so far, so good:

Looks like it is time to transplant these strawberries!  Another product that is easy to use and very tidy is Jiffy.  In my experience, the germination is not as predictable in these just- add- water products.  However I can see why some gardeners who do not like the fuss and muss of big open bags of loose mix would appreciate the ease of ‘add water and plant seed.’

Jiffy Quick Soil Mix

Finding the right soil mix is key but there is much more to learn about the practice of seed starting.  I will save myself the time of spelling it all out on MY blog because there are already SO many good practical sites.  A favorite of mine is  There you will find ’10 Seed Starting Tips.’  And if you haven’t discovered – GO THERE now!  The BEST garden blog in my opinion!

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3 Responses to Soil for Seed Starting

  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Very good post. We will certainly have space for the big bags. I did see one recommendation (can’t remember where) that some rich compost be added as well.

    Alpine strawberries! I was considering them as ground cover for a small, partly shaded bed near my entryway, a suggestion from Rosalin Creasy of ornamental garden fame. I had no idea of trying to start them already. Where did you get your seed?



  2. Fragaria vesca ‘Alexandria’ is the strawberry seen here. Seeds available from: Select Seeds (1-800-684-0395;
    or Johnny’s Selected Seeds (1-877-564-6697, These would be great for edging of a path! They will take two seasons to produce berries, but maybe if you start now, you will get a crop in the Autumn.


  3. Tricia says:

    I’m printing all of this out for our garden notebook. Bill insists! Thanks!


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