Gardens under Glass – New York Botanical Garden

The sun was shining earlier today but the snow is still up to our knees, so there was not a remote possibility of enjoying a walk around the garden.  So, off we went to the New York Botanical Gardens where they shovel or plow the paths and you can still enjoy some beautiful Winter scenes in the garden.

There is nowhere to sit along the way to the Conservatory, so we briskly made our way while enjoying the scenery.

The great conifers were more majestic than ever, and the interesting barks took stage against the backdrop of so much snow.

Beauty abounds but we really came here to get away from the snow so the Haupt Conservatory looks like Mecca as we approach!

Entering another world, a rain forest or secret Caribbean place and the rich moistness almost made photo taking impossible; the thickness of it adhering to the camera lens.

I will share just a few snapshots of this acreage under glass, so that you will want to go yourself and see all that is there.  Next month the orchids will arrive and the throngs will fill (overfill!) the space.  So now is a wonderful time to have the place more or less to yourself compared to the three deep you sometimes experience during a popular show.

The tropical feel is not the only draw; you can also enter the desert in this magnificent garden under glass.

Back out to the cold New York afternoon with the sun lowering in a blue sky, and we head back to Connecticut renewed with thoughts of Spring, no matter how far off it seems.

About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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1 Response to Gardens under Glass – New York Botanical Garden

  1. What a beautiful garden. I’ve seen the pictures of the conservatory many times and am always stunned by the vista.


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