2011! See more! Read more! Share more!

January is a tough time of the year for an obsessed gardener to make resolutions to be a better gardener or see more gardens. (No plans for a trip to Florida, Hawaii or New Zealand loom in my future)  But I will commit to reading more and sharing what I’ve learned!   I am just back from Santa Fe NM where the exquisite purity and power of the landscape does dwarf my usual idea of gardens and place.  It is good to leave your back yard now and then for a new outlook.  I  have come back to New England and a pile of seed catalogs and thoughts of Spring, but first, a look at the majesty of Nature’s garden in the high desert.


About Jayne in Georgia

Wife, mother, and owner of pets much loved. Gardener of three decades, amateur photographer, ardent about art, antiques and books.
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