Pretty Packing

Packing up a house for an interstate move is not pretty!  (Not showing any photos of that mess!)  But I received something from my beloved Garden Club yesterday.  The touching words and “good bye” was accompanied by the most glorious bouquet of tulips….IMG_0368

something pretty to look at while I pack!  I will appreciate their prettiness while I tackle the ugly mess of cardboard and tape, and I will be reminded of the 25 years of friendships I have developed with this indomitable and irreplaceable group of gardeners.

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Georgia On My Mind

Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
(The whole day through)
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

Skidaway Island

Skidaway Island

We are Georgia bound!  Trip after trip, we have found Savannah a soulful city and though we were always happy to get back to New England, this past Winter sent us in earnest to find a new home in a warmer climate.

Savannah GA

Savannah GA

Friends, we are Georgia bound.  What to do about the dahlia tubers?  Who will take on my begonias?  A young woman and her husband who are buying our home have an interest in the gardens.  It makes leaving all the plants and shrubs and trees much easier.

Born in a town on the Hudson River, I am looking forward to a  new adventure to discover an old Southern city on the banks of another important river.DSC_3359


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Crystal Balls and Time

What do you see when you look into the crystal ball?DSC_3170   Bubbles of air trapped until broken apart or sparkling spots designed to enchant?

I’m not sure what I see, but it is timeDSC_3179 to make some changes and launch into a new adventure.  There is safety and comfort in staying in place, but the excitement of new places and spaces beckons.

My friends, I will blogging less frequently in the months ahead.  There are some exciting garden events for me ahead – judging at the Philadelphia Flower Show and the Newport Flower Show, but with the prospect of moving house and garden, my posts will be few and far between. Be assured that I won’t disappear completely and I will continue to visit you if you are blogging about gardens and beautiful spaces!  Save me a seat!DSC_3169

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The Ground hog saw his shadow in Pennsylvania yesterday and wisely retreated back in his burrow.  CT ground hogs surely did the same and today’s snow proved them wise too.  Margaret at  Away to Garden talks about the flabby beasts in her most recent post, and she did get me laughing in this otherwise dull season for gardeners.  This day calls for observing the snow fall,IMG_5511 feeding the birds, IMG_5515and of course, healthy doses of poetry.


By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Out of the bosom of the Air,
      Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
      Over the harvest-fields forsaken,
            Silent, and soft, and slow
            Descends the snow.
Even as our cloudy fancies take
      Suddenly shape in some divine expression,
Even as the troubled heart doth make
      In the white countenance confession,
            The troubled sky reveals
            The grief it feels.
This is the poem of the air,
      Slowly in silent syllables recorded;
This is the secret of despair,
      Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,
            Now whispered and revealed
            To wood and field.IMG_5519
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Dogs Know, The Rules

January jars the Winter blues but reading and new projects can keep them under wraps.  How fortunate are the lovers of the snow who live for another run down the mountain or the skaters who glide over ice happy to withstand frozen toes and finger tips.  I am inside reading and working on healthy living goals.  January holds little appeal with her arctic temperatures and snow blown days.

DOG SONGS by Mary Oliver has me in its spell:

” A dog can never tell you what she knows from the

smells of the world, but you know, watching her,

that you know

almost nothing.”


Winter often brings out the “baker” in me, but I am restrained this year, and my nose is in Michael Pollan’s FOOD RULES rather than THE MAGNOLIA BAKERY COOK BOOK.

Rule #19 – “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.” Thank you Mr. Pollan, for giving us rules to live by, with a healthy dose of humor and a full serving of good sense.

As red meat disappeared from our table, and we try to eat nothing that stands on four legs, I find that the once appreciated pot of beef stew is replaced with something like savory red lentil, quinoa, and vegetable stew. DSC_3011 Ellie Krieger’s new cook book, WEEKNIGHT WONDERS rules…and doesn’t break THE RULES.  DSC_3010

What are you doing to “weather” the cold until we can get back out in the garden?  Unlike the geese, DSC_2820I am not content to put life on ice until the ground thaws.  I am learning THE RULES while trying to practice them in the kitchen.  Poetry is nice too, and what about all the seed and garden catalogs!  How many are in your pile?

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Winter Walk and Robins’ Reverie

Birds were singing with many in flight which led me to grab my camera, for a  Winter walk.DSC_2908

What birds were these?  A walk down the hill, slowly and carefully as the sun was dipping low, and light was fading, led me to discover the robins.  The crab apples revealed their bounty to satisfy these hungry birds.DSC_2911

A Winter’s feast.DSC_2914

Sunset, reflections on water.DSC_2930

L ike the robins,  we search for sustenance on a cold Winter walk during a barren season,DSC_2917

hoping the musings that began here lead to more discoveries at daybreak.

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Magical Train Travel at NYBG

We set off on New Years Day, surprised to see that the Merritt Parkway looked like this!  DSC_2739If you have travelled through Fairfield County, you know it never looks like that!  But once we got to The New York Botanical Garden,

New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

we found the crowds, DSC_2763and we weren’t surprised because the Holiday Train Show is wonderfully popular.  The stroller set was there but we enjoyed all the excitement and craziness of the young ones.  Their WONDER was contagious!

The skill of the designer and his artisans is incredible.  All of the buildings are created from natural plant material. DSC_2767 Each one is a replica of a real building DSC_2799that exists or once existed in the New York area.  One of my favorites was Grand Central Terminal. DSC_2783 DSC_2782 DSC_2781 But I  also loved Phiipse Manor – a special place to us  because we bought our first home there after leaving New York City.  DSC_2791

Each building is uniquely fashioned. We found the old TWA building and airplane amusing!DSC_2796 St. Patrick’s Cathedral was masterfully portrayed!  DSC_2762I loved watching the interaction between the parents, grandparents and children.  There was a lot of pointing and many OOOOHS for the Santa train.  DSC_2766The show is open until the 12th so you still have time to see this magical train show. DSC_2764 It is not for children only!DSC_2751

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Nourish the New Year, Overcome the Old

New Year’s Eve is a milestone for me in blogging, as blogging began for me  at the start of a new year with a promise to see more, read more and share more.   At the close of each year for the past three years I can assess whether I’ve kept my blogging promise….or not.

I find myself imperfect at the end of every year and maybe you do too.  And so the close of the year is a time to overcome our failures and shortfalls, and to begin anew to nourish our hopes and desires.  Do you ever desire to quit being so hard on yourself?  Not to quit striving to reach your goals, but to stop putting the spurs to your charge forward?  I want to nourish more and overcome the setbacks, problems and disappointments of the past year.

See more – go more places.  Get to New Mexico this year,DSC_0208 and yes, try Georgia and South Carolina one more time.

Read more – especially poetry. DSC_2734 I loved my romp through The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, (and nearly passed out when I got to see  Vermeer’s The Girl With The Pearl Earring at the Frick last week AND THE GOLDFINCH itself!) which combined a mystery with a rich portrayal of characters from the art and antique world and a little of the underworld.  But read more poetry as poetry can stir the soul.

Share more – share more time with the ones you love. DSC_2736 Share your earthly possessions, one day you will be gone and why not share them before you go.  Share your knowledge, if you have something wonderful that others can learn from.DSC_2723

Give more to your friends, friendship keeps your heart alive, and to lose a friend takes a part away.DSC_2732

Happy New Year to my readers and fellow bloggers!  Find nourishment and give nourishment in the New Year!

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Deck the Halls

The flowers are in place, the dinner planned.  Decked your halls yet?DSC_2616

Turn on the music, 

Santa is on his way.DSC_2618

Favorite ornaments have been hung.  Old sailor,DSC_2632

And garden fairies so very cheery and gayDSC_2635

Given by friends and family who stay with us that way.  Mementos of places we’ve been, like dear son’s home in Santa Fe.DSC_2637

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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I hope it’s a good one

Our morning call often started with a few lines from a song.  Yesterday it might have been “Let it snow, let it snow!”  Monday could have been, “Oh the weather outside is frightful!”

Today, it was this song on my playlist that started my day.

She loved her family, the children, her dogs, gardens, DSC_2613life.  While sleigh bells ring, snow glistens for some, the mood of the holidays may be quite different for others who have recently lost someone dear.   Still it is time to look beyond the pain or discontent,  finding joy with those around us,  and keeping close the memories of those we’ve lost.Andrea & I

My friend, I will miss you forever.

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